[vtkusers] vtk nightly distribution..

Berk Geveci berkgeveci at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 9 15:06:51 EDT 2001

The system disk of public.kitware crashed last week. We decided that this 
was a good opportunity to upgrade the operating system. We are still in the 
process of setting it up. Most of the functionality has been restored but 
some are still missing. You can expect full functionality before Wednesday.


>From: "K.R.Subramanian" <krs at cs.uncc.edu>
>To: VTK HELP <vtkusers at public.kitware.com>
>Subject: [vtkusers] vtk nightly distribution..
>Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2001 14:42:03 -0400
>Is there a problem with the gzipped tar file, vtk.tar.gz??
>I cant even inflate the file without the following error..
>ace% ls -la vtk.tar.gz
>-rw-r--r--    1 krs      100       5027378 Sep  8 18:59 vtk.tar.gz
>ace% gunzip vtk.tar.gz
>gunzip: vtk.tar.gz: invalid compressed data--format violated
>I have checked the file size by going to the ftp site..
>I downloaded the nightly version this past Friday.
>     -- krs
>K.R.Subramanian                        Phone: (704) 687-4872
>Department of Computer Science         FAX:   (704) 687-4893
>UNC Charlotte, CARC 311                Email: krs at cs.uncc.edu
>Charlotte, NC 28223-0001               Web: http://www.cs.uncc.edu/~krs
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