[vtkusers] Problem with Delaunay3D

Julio Lopez jclopez at cs.cmu.edu
Wed Sep 5 09:44:34 EDT 2001


You might want to try an "external tetrahedralizer" and then convert your
data back into vtk format.

This urls might be useful:

The quake project uses 'triangle' to create tetrahedral meshes out of 2.5
million unstructured points, resulting in 14 million tetrahedrons.

-- Julio
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  I am trying to create a 3D tetrahedral mesh with structured points. It
works for small sample points but it fails to work for large number of
points. (i am using more than 5000 point). It's also written in the user's
guide that Delaunay3D is not robust for handling large number of points. Is
there any alternative class to generate 3D tetrahedral mesh? Has anybody
used it before?

  any help appreciated!


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