[vtkusers] Linking error in libVTKImaging.a

prateek_arora at indya.com prateek_arora at indya.com
Wed Sep 5 01:04:36 EDT 2001

Hi friends
  I am facing one problem.
  I have build vtk3.2 in irix machine , the build was successfully 
and it generate the five .a file, Now I am using this .a file in my 
project, but when I compling my program I am getting the lots of 
linking error in libVTKImaging.a, I am sending the few part of my 
make file, Can any of you tell me How I can solve this problem

Linking part of my Makefile is

LIBS = -L/var/tmp/vtk3.2/common \
    -L/var/tmp/vtk3.2/imaging \
    -L/var/tmp/vtk3.2/graphics \
    -L/var/tmp/vtk3.2/patented \
    -L/var/tmp/vtk3.2/contrib \
    -lVTKImaging \
    -lVTKPatented \
    -lVTKGraphics \
    -lVTKContrib \
    -lVTKCommon \
    -lpthread \
    -L/usr/freeware/lib -ltk -ltcl -lm -lX11 \

and the error I am getting is of vtk linking
 If any one from you know how to use vtk library , Please tell me
 Thanks in advance
 With regards

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