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Ermin Hasičević Ermin.Hasicevic at iskon.hr
Mon Sep 3 11:23:06 EDT 2001

Little correction on my previous message.
Sequence of images should start with image_000.bmp instead of
image_001.bmp, unless you specify with vtkBMPReader's
method SetDataExtent z-range which start is different than 0.

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	Maybe some of the following might help you. If I got it
	you want to read multiple images in one volume.
	Here %s stands for file prefix. So all files should be named
something like:
	All that's left to do is to associate output of vtkBMPReader to
	input of one of the image filters or image data directly.

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		my question is:"What is the sintax for read the files
from disk with
		vtkBMPReader?".I don't to successful!!!!Thanks
		Massimiliano La Paglia
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