[vtkusers] compiling vtk - out of heap

Matthias Zangl zangl at ism-austria.at
Wed May 30 09:53:22 EDT 2001


I locally compiled the nightly build which I checked out from kitware. The built completed successfully and now I am trying to integrate it in my project. But when trying to start it, I'll get the following message:

Kompilierung läuft...
c:\programme\microsoft visual studio\vc98\include\ostream(350) : fatal error C1076: Compiler-Beschraenkung: Interne Heap-Grenze erreicht; Verwenden Sie /Zm, um eine hoehere Grenze  anzugeben
Fehler beim Ausführen von cl.exe.

test2.exe - 1 Fehler, 0 Warnung(en)

I tried to set the /Zm to the max but it didn't help although I've 512 RAM and up to 1500 MB reserved for the SWAP-File. The test-program works well when I use the header-files from the binary-installation...

Hopefully one of you could point me to the right direction...

Kindly regards,
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