[vtkusers] building vtk on pc - link-error: vtklocal.lib is missing

Matthias Zangl zangl at ism-austria.at
Mon May 28 11:11:31 EDT 2001


I am trying to build the vtk on my pc so I started with setting up the
makefiles with pcmaker.

After that I went to the bin-directory and opened the makefiles in my
visual-studio and did a build.

After about 45 minutes the build stopped with saying
"..\lib\vtkLocal.lib couldn't be opened!".

Well, its interesting that there is a vtkLocal.dll in the directory
but really NO vtklocal.lib... Its strange because I always thought
there had to be a lib before there is a dll... But no. The dll is here
and the lib isn't...

What could be the reason for this? Did I forget anything?

It would be great if anyone has an idea for me...

Thanx a lot!


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