[vtkusers] cvs module for docs ? (pb with public.kitware.com)

Sebastien BARRE sebastien at barre.nom.fr
Fri May 25 18:37:55 EDT 2001

At 25/05/2001 16:03, anast.jm at pg.com wrote:
>Hi, is there a module to get the latest doxygen pages from the cvs?? Thanks,

I don't think so, but there is a compressed archive generated every night :

(i.e. vtkMan.tar.gz in the nightly FTP)

At 25/05/2001 17:00, anast.jm at pg.com wrote:

>Sebastien...thanks for the link. However when I try to download the 
>starts, places the icon on my desktop and quits..is there a problems with the
>archive or should I just try another time??

I guess there is a problem on the server, it was not generated correctly, 
vtkMan.tar.gz is 1ko.
The RPM build is down too. Both might be related to the fact that I moved 
my doxygen scripts and the related RPM files in the new tree, and there has 
been some back-sync pb with the old tree. I'll fix that first.

Forwarded to the vtk developpers list.

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