[vtkusers] Python2.1 dies in vtkRenderWidget.py on IRIX

Jerry Clarke <clarke> clarke at ARL.ARMY.MIL
Fri May 25 14:27:39 EDT 2001

I'm using Python2.1, Tcl/Tk8.3.3, and vtk3.2 on IRIX6.5
When trying the example vtkRenderWidget.py, vtk brings up
the window with the cone. But as soon as the pointer moves
into the window, python gives : Bus error (core dump )

I understand that this combination works on Linux.

Has anyone seen this ? Is there a work around ? 

Jerry A. Clarke				clarke at arl.army.mil
				   Fax	(410)278-9199
US Army Research Laboratory
Blg. 394 Room 220

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