[vtkusers] Re: Some question of the using of vtkWin32VideoSource

David Gobbi dgobbi at irus.rri.on.ca
Mon May 21 14:28:57 EDT 2001

Tell me which version of vtkWin32VideoSource.cxx you are using.
The most recent revision is 1.10 (written at the top of the file).
With older version you have to call ReleaseSystemResources() yourself
(or explicitly delete the vtkWin32VideoSource) to ensure that VTK
releases the driver.  With version 1.10, this is automatically done
when the application exits.

 - David

On Tue, 22 May 2001, zhangzhijun wrote:

> Dear david:
>         But actually when I run the video.tcl the second time after I reset
> my computer , there will be the "can't find video card" .
>         also I have use the multi-thread in a MFC based application
> and every time in the work thread it will  gives a update message to call
> update redraw the video window, and in the update function for the video
> window function these code is written: but I can only get a static image in
>  the video window, and it doesn't change with the frames of image changes.
>  and the program also turns to be very slow.

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