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xujianzhong xujianzhong at 126.com
Sun May 20 21:38:47 EDT 2001

Hi, demmi

If you had downloaded vtkcpp.exe and run it to intall c++ develope tool kit
of vtk, when you chose menu: project -- add to project -- components, you
will see a folder named vtkMFCObjects, open it and add all the *.ogx to your
project, three vtk mfc class will be added to your project. now you can use
it to derive your own class.
You can also copy the file of vtkMfcDocument, vtkMfcRender, vtkMfcView class
to your project folder and add them to the project to do the same thing. But
maybe you should modify some include file name in code.

I'm sorry for my poor english, hope you can understand my reply.

xu jianzhong.

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主题: [vtkusers] MFC Sample (What does VTKMFC objects mean?)

>Hello vtkmfc users,
>I'm new to both MFC and VTK.
>I'm just learning how to use vtk with MFC using the sample.dsw file.
>I read the ReadMe.txt file come with the sample.
>Below are some instruction from ReadMe.txt file:
>    Basic instructions (see the Sample for more informaiton)
>    1) create an empty MFC app with standard options
>    2) add in the VTKMFC objects using the gallery option
>       (project -- add to project -- components)
>    3) edit the view and doc class generated by MFC so that they
>       are subclasses of vtkMFCDocument and vtkMFVRenderView
>       edit sampleview.h to change the supoerclass to vtkMFCRenderView and
>     ......
>Could someone explain what the instruction # (2) means?
>Thanks you!
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