[vtkusers] Histogram question

John Wilson jpw at creare.com
Wed May 16 17:23:57 EDT 2001

I am trying to display an orthogonal image plane (0 255 0 255 Z Z) from a 3D
data set in Histogram format using
imaging/examplesTcl/vtkHistogramWidget.tcl.  The problem I am having is that
the first bin has a **huge** count value which throws an error when I try to
display the value using the widget's picker.  Here is the stack trace:

expected integer but got "8.64978e+006"
    while executing
"format "Count: %d" $y"
    (procedure "HistogramWidgetUpdateInteraction" line 20)
    invoked from within
"HistogramWidgetUpdateInteraction .top.f1.r2 1 79"
    (command bound to event)

In running through HistogramWidgetRender with the TclPro debugger I see that
"histRange" is getting set to the range 0 to 8.64978e+006 and scale is set
to 2.08097778209e-005.

Is there something I must do to prepare my data to avoid this, or is this a
known problem with this sample widget?

Thanks -


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