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Michael Bell mbell at coventor.com
Tue May 15 09:33:22 EDT 2001

	I have implemented this in java in the following manner:

1. Create a renderer for the axes only
2. Set the number of layers for the renderwindow to 2
3. Put the axes renderer in layer 0, and the other renderer on layer 1
4. reimplement the interactor so that the axes renderer camera does not
respond to zoom and translate

The result is 3d axes set on top of the window with your data in it.

I can send you code if you want a more detailed explaination.


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> I would like to display 3D axes in a given rendering window which do not
> translate or scale but do rotate as the scene is interacted with (via
> one of the provided C++ or Tcl interactor codes provided with the VTK
> distribution).  I would be happy to modify the interactor I'm using to
> facilitate this but I was hoping someone else might have tackled this
> problem already and might have some suggestions (or code, :-).
> Basically, I want a representation of the orientation which always stays
> visible and a constant (small) size in one corner of the rendering
> window to orient the user.
> I have found similar questions asked in the VTK e-mail archive but
> I haven't found any posted solutions which answer this question.  One
> answer indicates how to add 3D axes (via vtkAxes) but they will
> translate and scale with the scene/camera movement and this isn't what
> I need.
> Thank-you for any suggestions or information.  I will post a summary to
> the group of any helpful responses and/or any success with this...
>                 Terry J. (Ligocki, tjligocki at lbl.gov)
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