[vtkusers] vtkSocketController and dataset updates

Berk Geveci berk.geveci at kitware.com
Mon May 14 17:20:25 EDT 2001

	I know what you mean, it can be quite annoying. After the
	first update (which you can force with Update() on the port),
	you can set the output of vtkInputPort to NULL (make sure
	that you do this after doing a ob->SetInput(inputPort->GetOutput())
	or the data will be deleted -or register the output-). This way,
	the filters after the port will be separated and will not
	send any updates through the socket. However, when something
	changes and polydata is updated, you will have to re-connect
	the output. The solutions that you are suggestion might be
	tricky since they deal with pipeline update mechanism. Without
	knowing the internals of vtk very well, I would not play with
	the update mechanism.


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Hello all,

I'm working on a client-server application where the server produces
polydata and ships it to the client for rendering.  I'm using vtkInputPort
and vtkOutputPort with the contrib class vtkSocketController.  I've written
little example to familiarize myself with their use, and it's working well.
The only hitch is that while rotating, the client is constantly querying the
server to see if the polydata needs updating.  This causes a very noticable
lag and makes interaction very jerky.  Is there an easy way to skip the
checks while interacting?  I haven't noticed any convenient methods in
vtkInputPort, but maybe I've missed something.  The only thing I can think
of, short of rewriting vtkInputPort, is a small filter that simply passes
polydata from the input to the output, and passes update queries and
from the output to the input.  This would give me control over whether or
the update queries ever make it to the vtkInputPort.

Any other suggestions?

John Norris
Research Programmer
Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets

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