[vtkusers] DarwinOS and VTK

Yves Starreveld ystarrev at uwo.ca
Fri May 11 13:26:29 EDT 2001


I recently committed all the files necessary to build vtk on osx using 
the quartz windowing system.

You will need to use cvs to get the latest vtk source distribution.

In the macintosh directory, there is a readme and a set of makefiles & 
configure script which you need to copy to their correct places.

Then its just ./configure --with-quartz
and make

Others have had success, so it appears to work.

On Friday, May 11, 2001, at 12:54  PM, Gala'Vi and Liss @ Mainframe 
Country wrote:

> Hello VTK users,
> I'm trying to compile VTK 3.1.2 for Darwin operating system, which is
> MacOS 10 and basically has a BSD core with a GNU environment. Don't ask 
> me
> why I'm doing this. I know it's more than somewhat retarded.
> The compiler barfs because Darwin is missing a dynamic loader library.
> Does anyone know where I could possibly get that library?
> -- Wind
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>         you just have to find it.
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