[vtkusers] 3D axes...

Terry J. Ligocki tjligocki at lbl.gov
Thu May 10 10:38:52 EDT 2001

I would like to display 3D axes in a given rendering window which do not
translate or scale but do rotate as the scene is interacted with (via
one of the provided C++ or Tcl interactor codes provided with the VTK
distribution).  I would be happy to modify the interactor I'm using to
facilitate this but I was hoping someone else might have tackled this
problem already and might have some suggestions (or code, :-).
Basically, I want a representation of the orientation which always stays
visible and a constant (small) size in one corner of the rendering
window to orient the user.

I have found similar questions asked in the VTK e-mail archive but
I haven't found any posted solutions which answer this question.  One
answer indicates how to add 3D axes (via vtkAxes) but they will
translate and scale with the scene/camera movement and this isn't what
I need.

Thank-you for any suggestions or information.  I will post a summary to
the group of any helpful responses and/or any success with this...

                Terry J. (Ligocki, tjligocki at lbl.gov)

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