[vtkusers] Suggested compile-time option

johnny carroll norris jnorris at csar.uiuc.edu
Wed May 9 17:22:11 EDT 2001

Hi all,

When I'm compiling my app for release, I always call
wxObject::GlobalWarningDisplayOff().  Since this makes all the strings passed
to vtkWarningMacro and vtkErrorMacro so much wasted space, I've taken to
adding VTK_WARNING_ALWAYS_OFF, and using it to define vtkWarningMacro and
vtkErrorMacro (a la VTK_LEAN_AND_MEAN and vtkDebugMacro).  Under Solaris 2.7
using CC 5.0, this reduces the size of libVTKCommon.a, libVTKGraphics.a, and
libVTKImaging.a by over 1.7 MB total (from a total of 11,919 KB to 10,111 KB).
This represents a reduction in size of just over 15%.  I don't know how many
other programmers routinely call wxObject::GlobalWarningDisplayOff() in their
release builds, but if there are enough of us, it might be worthwhile to make

Just a suggestion,
John Norris
Research Programmer
Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets

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