[vtkusers] Java / VTK problems

Michael Bell mbell at coventor.com
Wed May 9 13:15:37 EDT 2001


	I, and others have posted a few messages about problems that occur when
using java under vtk. An example of the issue is:

1. Set up a scene
2. On every mouse click, change the color of an actor with
3. Intermittently, actor.GetProperty() returns null (not limited to
GetProperty(). In general, members of a class become null randomly).

With the help of others, I can say that
	1. This problem does not occur in unix
	2. This problem does not occur in C++ with nearly identical code

Does anyone, especially a vtk developer, have any information about
solutions or workarounds? Have you even run into this problem before? It
sounds like a garbage collection issue to me. Could it be a JNI issue
unrelated to VTK? Please help; this is a showstopping problem.


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