[vtkusers] Adding a VTK widget to a XMotif Application

Kent Eschenberg kee at erdc.hpc.mil
Mon May 7 15:05:57 EDT 2001

Hi Chris,

Your error may have little to do with VTK. All I've ever been able to
determine from that sort of X message is that "something is wrong"!

First, make sure you have declared depth, vis and col correctly. If not, C
may be converting the values from VTK to something else.

Second, since X uses input and output buffers, you might learn a little more
by putting in "XSync(display,0)" after every X call to flush the buffers.

Third, you might try commenting out the calls to VTK before and after the
code that crashes to determine if VTK is even involved with the problem.
Before you do this, print the values returned by VTK for depth, vis and col;
then, plug these values in yourself to the call to create toplevel2.

Good luck!
- - -
Kent Eschenberg   kee at erdc.hpc.mil   (601)634-4435
ERDC MSRC (DoD supercomputer center), Vicksburg, MS

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