[vtkusers] Surface ID?

feigee at us.sina.com feigee at us.sina.com
Fri Mar 30 14:55:15 EST 2001

For a 3D unstructured mesh about an airplane, triangles on the fuselage is tagged with an ID, say, ID=1, and triangles on the wing surface is tagged ID=5.  What is the best way to deal with this so that we can draw only the fuselage and/or wing surfaces?  GeometryFilter did not work as it also give me the triangles on all boundaries, some of which are not part of the airplane geometry.  I have the point coordinates and scalars stored using 

vtkUnstructuredGrid *ug = vtkUnstructuredGrid::New();
  ug->SetPoints(points); //points are the coord.
and I used InsertNextCell(VTK_TETRA, 4, vertices) to stuff the cell info into the ug.

I thought about threshold filter by giving another "IDscalar" to the object and show only IDscalar>1.5 for wing surface, and IDscalar<1.5 for fuselage surface.  But what about the points shared jointly by the wing and fuselage?

Thanks for any pointers if you have done something like this before.


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