[vtkusers] text actor overlay

David J. Netherway djn at elan.mad.adelaide.edu.au
Fri Mar 30 06:52:31 EST 2001

I updated my vtk from the daily version of Jan 25, 2001 to  Mar 29,

Now my vtkActor2D is causing a problem.

I have something like the following:

vtkTextMapper mapper
  mapper SetInput "T"
vtkActor2D actor
  actor SetMapper mapper
vtkRenderer ren
  ren AddActor2D actor

to overlay the letter T over a textured plane.

I seem to get either the letter rendered or the plane. It seems random
but may depend on the 3D position of the plane.

The behaviour used to be correct.

The plane renders properly if I do a  "ren RemoveActor actor".
I tried adding the actor using AddProp but I it gave  the same

Does anyone have any ideas, or do I need to cull my code down to an

Thanks, David

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