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> Since Mac OS X has OpenGL I'm hoping that it won't be too much
> work. I'm going to try and compile on my iBook tonight to see
> what happens.
> Is anyone working on this? Is anyone else interested?

There are two ways to get VTK running on OSX. Both have been done.

99% of VTK compiles "as is" with ./configure;make as OS X is real Unix with
the usual GNU tools (Gcc 2.95 et al.).

As far as displaying graphics you either do ....

X-Window port
OS X does not use X-windows, so you need either

-  Tenons Xtools
This means buying Xtools, but you get a supported , commercial quality
X-server with full OpenGL/GLX support.

- XFree86 
Free but currently has some limitations. Have not tried this myself.

The above X-Windows "port" could easily be merged into the standard VTK dist
with some minor mods to the configure scripts.

Cocoa port
Avoid X-Windows entirely and use Cocoa. Requires the building of a Cocoa
(Objective-C) bridge and "vtkxxxxRenderWindowxxx" etc classes for Quartz
This has been done  - see the previous post by
Jon Harald Kaspersen <Jon.H.Kaspersen at unimed.sintef.no>

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