[vtkusers] VTK24 vs. 312, quality and performance

Joey Mukherjee joey at phobos.space.swri.edu
Thu Mar 22 16:56:53 EST 2001

>	1.	SGI Dual Processor Octane, 1G memory, IRIX 6.5,
>		VTK 2.4 compiled w/OpenGL.
>	2.	Compaq Proliant, 2 450Mhz processors, 320M memory,
>		RedHat Linux 7.0,
>		VTK 3.1.2 compiled w/Mesa.

On the SGI, isn't the hardware acceleration taking effect even if you are 
throwing your display?

>The first brings up the Interactor, and the second generates an animated
>gif file, showing the star rotating 360 degrees about its vertical axis.
>Here's the sizes of the two gif files, and as you can see, the one from
>VTK 3.1.2 is over 12 times the size of the gif from VTK 2.4:
>	-rw-r--r-- 1 smitty mst   65589 Mar 22 14:06 star24.gif
>	-rw-r--r-- 1 smitty mst  805580 Mar 22 13:29 star312.gif

Are you sure both are using the same version of convert with --enable-lzw 

FWIW, I noticed exactly the opposite effect.  When I was using vtk2.4, it was 
slower than the vtk3.2 I am using now, but this was on Sparcs.


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