[vtkusers] vtkRenderWindow within wxPython (wxVTKRenderWindow by Robin Dunn)

Eric Boix frog at creatis.insa-lyon.fr
Wed Mar 21 13:39:57 EST 2001

        Dear VTK (and wxPython) users,

        I'm trying to adapt David Gobbi's $VTK/python/vtkRenderWidget.py
to wxPython. I pulled Robin Dunn's "plugin" wxVTKRenderWindow (from
i.e. the official demos of wxPython).

This works fine when calling it within a wxFrame e.g. :
   frame = wxFrame(None, -1, "vtkwxRenderWidget Test", size=(550,400))
   vtkWxRender = wxVTKRenderWindow(frame)
The vtkRenderWindow lies nicely inside the X11 window containing the wxFrame.

But (there is a but) this fails when calling it within a wxPanel e.g.
   frame = wxFrame(None, -1, "vtkwxRenderWidget Test", size=(550,400))
   panel = wxPanel(frame, -1)
   vtkWxRender = wxVTKRenderWindow(panel)
The vtkRenderWindow then lives within a new X11 window (different from the X11
window containing the wxFrame) !

Of course :-) I need more than one vtkRenderWindow inside my wxFrame.
Who can be satisfied with a single renderer when one can have many ? :-)

Could it be that wxVTKRenderWINDOW is really different from wxVTKRenderWIDGET
(Tk terminology) meaning I can only have a single instance within each wxFrame ?(apparently wxVTKRenderWindow is based on a call to vtk's
 Is this the source of the limitation ?)

        Any kind of help truly appreciated.
        Eric Boix

Research and Applications Center for Image and Signal Processing

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