[vtkusers] Error message in 3.2 (InterceptCacheUpdate)

Julian Humphries julian at essaustin.com
Tue Mar 20 13:21:32 EST 2001

Ok, I went out and got MS VC++, set up all of the vtk, python and tcl/tk
source, ran pcmaker, compiled and got what seem to be working dll's.
my path to all of the new libs and dll's.   I ran my python vtk program 
and I get this and similar messages for a number of classes:

ERROR: In E:\vtk-src-windows\common\vtkImageSource.h, line 85
vtkImageReader (0x0369DC50): InterceptCacheUpdate was obsoleted for 
version "3.2" and will be removed in a future version

I don't (to my knowledge) call InterceptCacheUpdate, in fact don't even
call imagereader.Update().  A few other classes such as the Gaussian 
image smooth give similar messages.  

Did I screw up?  or am I using an obsolete class?  I am having a 
few other problems with lack of persistence of some global objects 
as well, so maybe I have some other hard to find problem.  

Any and all suggestions welcome.

julian humphries
university of texas

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