[vtkusers] Re: Vtk, Python, compilation problems on Windows

Sebastien BARRE seb-ml-vtk at barre.nom.fr
Sun Mar 18 05:55:11 EST 2001

At 17/03/2001 19:48, Julian Humphries wrote:

>Ok, I thought I could deal with that.  I decided to compile it myself,
>despite having no recent C++ experience.  Downloaded the Borland compiler,
>Got the 3.2 source, ran the  pcmaker.exe program, it asks if I want to build

Does it ?

>I do, I download Python 2.0 source, rerun pcmaker, it runs, I compile
>vtk (mucho time),  but it is successful, go to the Python directory,  try 
>to make
>that,  but the make file says:
>### Not Implemented Yet
>Argh!  Boy, this is tiring.

The Borland Compiler is not as well supported as VC++ is in pcmaker. 
Really. You said "Downloaded the Borland compiler", so I guess you are 
using the free command-line package. I do not know if it is supported too. 
I do not think John Biddiscombe (our very own Borland guru) is using 
pcmaker, he will probably post his build-framework soon (we had a little 
discussion about that yesterday, and as soon as it's ready, you will find 
it in the mailing list, or here : 

>  Is there a way to get the vtk-Python package
>working on WIndows with Python 2.0?

Using the Microsoft VC++ (not free), or gcc (free).

>P.S.  Also, the link failed with the Borland turbo linker and the tcl 
>build (but
>worked fine with the vtkdll.dll).  An error about an invalid flag, anyone 
>had success
>with that combo?

As I told you before (did I ?), your nightmare is not over. Once you have 
selected the Borland Compiler, you will most of the time face the following 
problem : most precompiled binaries (Tcl, Python, etc.) are built using the 
Microsoft Compiler. Thus, you will have to translate these libraries to 
Borland format using implib (I hope it works better than the last time I 
tried), or re-compile from the sources.

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