[vtkusers] ANNOUNCE: vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor 0.2 available

Charl P. Botha c.p.botha at its.tudelft.nl
Fri Mar 16 10:42:36 EST 2001

Dear VTK users,

Version 0.2 of vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor is now available.  This fixes
quite a few nasty issues w.r.t. portability, so if you experienced problems
with 0.1, please give 0.2 a try.  It is available from:

http://cpbotha.net/vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor.html (in the USA)
http://www.cg.its.tudelft.nl/~cpbotha/vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor.html (in NL)

Changes since 0.1 include:
* tested on SGI Octane and O2 (this didn't work with 0.1)
* parent flush() method disabled; previously this would cause the front and 
  back buffers on some systems to get really confused
* Inheritance changed back to Fl_Gl_Window; there might be systems where
  Fl_Window grabs a visual which is missing capabilities required by VTK.
* Removed dumb ^Ms from sources (SGI CC does NOT like them)
* README now has tested configurations
* Cone3.cxx has more comments

charl p. botha      | computer graphics and cad/cam 
http://cpbotha.net/ | http://www.cg.its.tudelft.nl/

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