[vtkusers] a 'new' RedHAt 7.0 Compile Problem

Jason RILEY J.Riley at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Mar 14 12:28:58 EST 2001

dear all,

I am trying to install VTK31 on redhat 7.
I have downgraded my compiler to gcc2.9.5 and patched it with glibc2.2
I have installed the nvidia drivers and GLX library from nvidia for the 
GeforceII graphics card.

I use configure:
 ./configure --prefix=/home/jriley/vtk31 --with-shared --with-tcl  
--with-tkwidget --with-patented --with-contrib

when I compile the target program crashes with a segmentation fault...

cd common;     make - targets.make
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/jriley/vtk31/common'
../targets ./.. extra .  concrete vtkActor2D vtkActor2DCollection vtkBitArray 
vtkByteSwap vtkCellArray vtkCellData vtkCellLinks vtkCellTypes vtkCharArray 
vtkCollection vtkContourValu
es vtkCoordinate vtkDataObject vtkDataSetAttributes vtkDataSetCollection 
vtkDirectory vtkDy
namicLoader vtkDoubleArray vtkEdgeTable vtkEmptyCell vtkFieldData 
vtkFloatArray vtkFloatNor
mals vtkFloatPoints vtkFloatScalars vtkFloatTCoords vtkFloatTensors 
vtkFloatVectors vtkGene
ralTransformConcatenation vtkGeneralTransformInverse vtkGenericCell 
vtkHexahedron vtkIdList
 vtkImageData vtkImageSource vtkImageToStructuredPoints 
vtkImplicitFunctionCollection vtkIn
dent vtkIntArray vtkLine vtkLogLookupTable vtkLongArray vtkLookupTable 
vtkMapper2D vtkMath
vtkMatrix4x4 vtkMergePoints2D vtkMultiThreader vtkMutexLock vtkNormals 
vtkObject vtkOutputW
indow vtkPixel vtkPlane vtkPlaneCollection vtkPointData vtkPointLocator 
vtkPointLocator2D v
tkPoints vtkPolyData vtkPolyLine vtkPolyVertex vtkPolygon vtkPriorityQueue 
 vtkProp vtkPropAssembly vtkPropCollection vtkProperty2D vtkPyramid vtkQuad 
rid vtkReferenceCount vtkScalars vtkShortArray vtkSource vtkStack 
vtkStructuredData vtkStru
cturedGrid vtkStructuredPoints vtkTCoords vtkTensor vtkTensors vtkTetra 
vtkTimeStamp vtkTim
erLog vtkTransform vtkTransformCollection vtkTriangle vtkTriangleStrip 
 vtkUnsignedIntArray vtkUnsignedLongArray vtkUnsignedShortArray 
vtkUnstructuredGrid vtkVect
ors vtkVersion vtkVertex vtkVoidArray vtkVoxel vtkWedge 
vtkWindowLevelLookupTable vtkWindow
ToImageFilter abstract vtkAbstractMapper vtkAttributeData vtkCell vtkDataArray 
vtkDataSet v
tkGeneralTransform vtkImplicitFunction vtkLocator vtkObjectFactory vtkPointSet 
Colors vtkViewport vtkWindow concrete_h vtkObjectFactoryCollection  abstract_h
make[1]: *** [targets.make] Segmentation fault (core dumped)
make[1]: *** Deleting file `targets.make'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/jriley/vtk31/common'

Please Help!!!!!pretty Please!!


Jason Riley                     PhD Student
Computer Science Department
University College London       Telephone:      ucl: 3876
Gower Street                               external: +44 (0)20 7679 3876
WC1E 6BT                        WebPage: http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/J.Riley

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