[vtkusers] perl/tk with vtk

Randall Jones randy at schrodinger.com
Sun Mar 11 14:27:31 EST 2001

Why not use Python with Tk?

I've wondered about Perl myself.  Why is there not a Perl binding?
Not that I'm advocating a Perl interface, I far prefer Python!
But, Perl is more commonly available with default installations of
I could see how a Perl interface might be useful for processing some
data for an interactive Web visualization application.  Although, Python
could just as easily serve this type of need!

While I'm using bandwidth, I'd just like to say Thank you to the
developers responsible for the Python bindings.
I personally use them extensively for small applications, testing and
fast proto-type development.  I'm glad they're there!

Just curious,

Benoit Saye wrote:
> Hi
> I was recommended Perl/Tk to develop nice interfaces. I can see that vtk has
> been combined to Tcl/tk, Python but not Perl. Is there any particular reason
> for that? Is Perl recommended for use with vtk, or would Tcl just do the
> same job with the benefit of all the code and examples already available
> with vtk ?
> Thanks for your help,
> Benoit

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