[vtkusers] dicom into 3D

Audi audi2006 at singnet.com.sg
Sat Mar 10 21:24:58 EST 2001

> Hi,
> Did anybody ever tried to load DICOM samples provided in the sebastien
> website?
> I tried to load DICOM sample about ankle and it only able to display 2D
> image
> eventhough I use volume rendering.
> Are you able to render the DICOM samples after you convert to RAW and
> display it as
> 3D that can rotated such that can be seen all side of the image?
> I really stuck, I suppose to render that image in 3D, but I always get 2D.
> I load the raw data and stored it as structured points and using volume
> rendering method
> to render structured points into 3D but not succesful, it only gives me 2D
> image.
> If anybody can display it as 3D, can give me advise how to do it?
> Thanks a lot
> regards,
> Audi

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