[vtkusers] Good editor for windows

Gummadi Sreenivas gummadi.sreenivas at Mentisys.com
Fri Mar 9 17:00:42 EST 2001

My vote goes to emacs as the best editor which is available on most
platforms and is free.

Even if you are not familiar with emacs key bindings, emacs can emulate
your favourite editor's bindings. I am familiar with Vi and use the vi-mode
in emacs which works quite well, allowing you to use the power of emacs
while preserving the familiar Vi key bindings. There is also a wordstar
mode, but I have not used it myself and you may be able to find an emacs
mode which preserves the keybindings of your favourite editor.

I don't know why the other editors are still there, but they do not seem be
to doing any harm and can coexist peacefully like the Afhgan Buddhas
(pardon the political statement).

best regards,

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