[vtkusers] Good editor for windows

Sebastien BARRE seb-ml-vtk at barre.nom.fr
Fri Mar 9 16:00:39 EST 2001

At 09/03/2001 14:59, David Gobbi wrote:
>On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Shiva Bissoon wrote:
> > Does anyone know of a good editor for writing tcl programs in WinNT???
> > I am currently using notepad and it is not that good.
> > Shiva
>My personal recommendation is emacs, it has a very complete tcl mode.
>get the 'bin' or 'fullbin' .tar.gz files (tar and gzip for Windows
>are included in the 'utilities' directory of the ftp directory).
>After you un-tar, run 'addpm.exe' in the bin directory to make emacs
>Whichever editor you choose, you should go into the Windows "File Types"
>and change the 'edit' action of the TCL filetype to use the appropriate

As David, I'd also recommend NTemacs (for every kind of editing in fact). 
If you are not familiar with Emacs, I'd not say that it's the easiest 
editor you can find (UltraEdit might help you too), but it's free, 
extremely powerful, and for these of us that love Lisp, it has unlimited 
possibilities through various customization features (my .emacs is 2300 
lines :).

More importantly, you can edit and *run* you Tcl script right *inside* 
Emacs, just by hitting a key : Emacs will run the script in a separate 
buffer (i.e. frame, or window), and you will be able to modify the 
bevahiour of your program *without* stopping it. Emacs allows you to edit 
your files, functions, packages, variables simultaneously, and send the 
modifications immediately, while the script is running. GUI script (using 
Tk) can be launched as well, with some tricks.

Once you get used to Tcl (or if you want to avoid launching Tcl script 
inside Emacs), you will probably prefer to attach TkCon to your Tk scripts 
to modify them on the fly.

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