[vtkusers] vtkPanel Render and Threads

Brian Henz bjhenz at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 7 16:53:54 EST 2001

  I am writing an application in Java (1.2.2) on SGI and (1.3.0) on Windows 

In the application an Actor is rendered in a vtkPanel and then a new thread 
is started which at specified intervals changes the Scalar values associated 
with the Actor and then calls Render() on the vtkPanel object.  For SGI the 
actor is updated and drawn fine, but in windows once the vtkPanel is 
rendered after the scalars are changed the actor is gone.  If I stop the 
thread and try to create a new actor this works fine.  Is there a problem 
with rendering from a thread in windows, or changing the scalars if that 
thread is the only one accessing the Actor?

I am using the nightly version of VTK for windows and Unix, and the unix 
distribution is from March 3 but Windows is from Feb. 12, I believe.

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