[vtkusers] Needed some instructions to launch VTK

Chandragupta Ganguly ganguly at acsu.buffalo.edu
Mon Mar 5 12:18:56 EST 2001

	I have been trying to launch VTK. And while it is compiling it is
core dumping when I try to execute the examples, such as Cone.tcl.
My OS is RedHat linux 7.0, and the vtk is 3.1.2
I am compiling it with -opengl option instead of -mesa option. 
It seems other people are facing similar problem. Would somebody who has
successfully launched the vtk software on RedHat linux 7.0, with -opengl
option be kind enough to write down a step by step procedure as to how
they did it, including runnning of various examples. It seems to me that
there are a lot of people who are facing similar problems.  

Infact I suggest having an archive which lists down successful
implementation of VTk in various OS (RedHat, SuSe, etc) with their

Any help in this regard is appreciated.

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