[vtkusers] To Editors: error in User's Guide

Wolfram H Volpi whv88240 at Bayou.UH.EDU
Thu Mar 1 15:14:41 EST 2001

I think there is an error in the VTK3.1 User's Guide, February 2000, p32.
It says : "If you built VTK incrementally you will need to add all of the
library files vtkCommon.lib, vtkGraphics0.lib, vtkGraphics1.lib, ect."

I tried this in Visual Studio 6.0 C++, NT 4.0, but building got me
	LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "vtkCommon.lib"
	Error executing link.exe.

What worked for me instead, was adding vtkbin\lib to the Directories.
	Tools > Options > Directories > 
	Show directories for: Library files > Directories: C:\vtkbin\lib
This built and ran fine.


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