[vtkusers] how to separate anatonomical parts (ljhfdy4)

Sedat DOGAN2 d_sedat at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 14 18:04:56 EST 2001

Dear Jihui,
In order to seperate anatomical parts you need an efficient image
segmentation process. This is a hard problem. Even if it is time consuming,
you can write code for manuel segmentation. This is still the best way but
too time consuming. Or you can try other segmentation techniques: Snakes,
contours, or neural network segmentations.

With VTK, you can use thresholding, and contouring.


> Hi, friends:
> I'm actually using VTK for building anatomy pieces(cervical spine) from CT
slices and export them in stl format. I want to seperate different vertebra
and get closed volume of each vertebra for future solid modeling.
> Now I can get the surface model of the spine, but the problem is all the
vertebrae are connectecd to a whole part, no disk or space seperate them. I
can't set different threshold as all vertebrae nearly have the same density.
> I am wondering if anybody have some idea to seperate the spine into
vertebrae. Meantime, I also want to know how to close the uppermost and
lowermost surface of the model. I need a closed model instead of a model
with two mouses opening on each sides.
> Thanks a lot for attentation and further help.
> Jihui
> University of Tennessee, Memphis
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