[vtkusers] Something Fishy About vtkSelectVisiblePoints

Erik Sobel erik.sobel at alphatech.com
Mon Feb 26 14:27:11 EST 2001

Since I got no response I'll just respond to my own previous posting to 
keep the thread alive.

Erik you raise a good point.  I've seen that behavior too.

It turns out that the "strange" behavior of vtkSelectVisiblePoints goes 
away if you use the SetSelectionWindow to 1 - no one knows why.  The 
default behavior is supposed to be that the whole render window is 
used.  But if SelectionWindow is not set it does not work correctly.  The 
demo/test /graphics/examplesTcl/labeledMesh.tcl only excercises the filter 
with SelectionWidow feature turned on - so it works fine.


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