[vtkusers] Converting Points to Vertices

Asad A. Abu-Tarif asad at cat.rpi.edu
Fri Feb 23 13:33:18 EST 2001

Hi Erik,
I'm assuming that your points are stored in a vtkPoints data structure.
You will need to create a vtkPolyData and set points to the vtkPoints
You will need to create a vtkCellArray and add the points then use

Here is an example (in C++):

vtkPolyData *PointsPoly=vtkPolyData::New();
vtkPoints *Points=vtkPoints::New();
vtkCellArray *Verts=vtkCellArray::New();

// Fill your points in 'Points'

int NumberOfVerts= // Fill hte number of points in here;

for(int i=0;i<NumberOfVerts;i++)
	int Id=i;


Good luck

Erik Sobel wrote:
> Can anyone tell me how to convert a data set containing only Points into a
> data set with a Vertex for each point.
> Thanks,
> Erik
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