[vtkusers] Float type

xiong fei xfpku at yahoo.com.sg
Thu Feb 22 02:56:16 EST 2001

Hello, vtkusers

      I am now using vtkImageImport to transfer data
into a volume generation engine. It works well when
the data type is integer, but when I change it to be
float type, something is wrong - There is no output on
the screen. I want to know whether vtkImageImport can
accept data type like float or double, otherwise is
there any solution? Thanks a lot.


//dataArray stores the source data
vtkImageImport *importer = vtkImageImport::New();
	importer->SetDataExtent(0, Xextent-1, 0, Yextent-1,
0, Zextent-1);

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