[vtkusers] standard data format

Randall Jones randy at schrodinger.com
Wed Feb 21 18:01:29 EST 2001


  What does the visualization community think is a good, portable
general-purpose scientific data format?

  I am working on standardizing our scientific data format.  We need to
handle various types of "normal" visualization data (i.e. polygons,
grids, meshes, images, and maybe abstract data structures like octrees?)
We plan to do a great deal of data processing and reduction with vtk.
But we would also like a format that is common/readable in many
visualization tools so that our outputs could be visualized easily by
other packages.

The 2 formats we have narrowed down to are netCDF and HDF.


  In August, 1999 there were some vtk classes announced (by John
Shalf).  I'm looking for one of these, the vtkHDFReader class.  The
links mentioned in the message are no longer valid.  Does anyone have
any information on this vtk class?

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