[vtkusers] vtk3.1 on Aix4.

Hugo Korwaser hugo.korwaser at dspace.co.uk
Wed Feb 21 14:54:59 EST 2001

I tried installing vtk3.1, downloaded from the latest tar ball on 15th Feb.
The machine is running Aix 4.3 with IBM Visual Age C++ 5.0. I am using the compiler in batch mode not from the Visual front end.
The source is in directory vtk31 and I am building in directory vtk31ibm. 
I set environment variable to be CXX=xlC before doing the configure.
After doing the configure I modified the system.make as suggested by a previous e-mail to remove the -ptall and -prelink from the compile options though I 
did add -qnotempinc. Trying without -qnotempinc produces the same results

The build fails in compiling vtkImageData. 
I am unclear how to proceed:-
 - are the compile options wrong
 - do I need to edit the code? If so how.

I wait in anticipation of any suggestions.

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