[vtkusers] Tcl_HashEntry???

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Wed Feb 21 08:36:30 EST 2001

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How can I find something in the vtk object hash table from c++??
I've used the following code:
	extern Tcl_HashTable vtkInstanceLookup;
	Tcl_HashEntry *entry = Tcl_FindHashEntry(&vtkInstanceLookup,argv[1]);
argv[1] contains a string, the tcl name of an actor.
This code used to work, but it doesn't work anymore with the latest vtk
Any suggestions, please??

PS: Why the hell is the default picker changed to a vtkPropPicker
instead of a vtkPicker???
How can I get a dataset from that vtkPropPicker? Previously i used:
	[[[$wndRenderWindow GetInteractor] GetPicker] GetDataSet]
but of course this doesn't work anymore because the default picker is
now vtkPropPicker!

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