[vtkusers] dicom to pgm prog

Audi audi2006 at singnet.com.sg
Sat Feb 17 11:05:53 EST 2001


I found dicomtopgm.cpp in www.rad.upenn.edu/~grevera/images/dicom2pgm.html
But when I tried to compile it, it gives me weird error,
the error said the are mismatch end if but when I check to the line that
has been pointed by the error checking is an empty line.

I tried to check the program but it seems nothing wrong, but
maybe I miss the mistake. So can anybody help me to compile and run the
program that I attach here, and inform me whether you can compile successfully.
I already tried to email the person who put the source code at that website,
but no reply until now.

Thanks in advance,
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