[vtkusers] opacity < 1 and rendering order

Charl P. Botha c.p.botha at its.tudelft.nl
Fri Feb 16 11:26:00 EST 2001

Dear VTKers,

In graphics/examplesTcl/texturedCube.tcl, add the following line to the
cubeActor configuration clause (i.e. at line 31):
[cubeActor GetProperty] SetOpacity 0.95

If you run this script, and take the cube through a half rotation (so that
your camera goes through 180 degrees), you should note strange artefacts
(the furthest polygons get rendered in front of the nearest polygons).
AFAIK, this is typically what happens when you mess with transparency and
don't render your polygons in the correct order (back to front).  Is there
any way to get VTK to do this for me?

Thanks for any advice,

charl p. botha      | computer graphics and cad/cam 
http://cpbotha.net/ | http://www.cg.its.tudelft.nl/

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