[vtkusers] #include "vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow.h" errors

Andy Miller aamiller at alumni.princeton.edu
Wed Feb 14 22:04:00 EST 2001

Thank you Seo,

That fixed the compile, but the link still failed (on GetMemoryDC) because
HDC is also defined differently in a console app vs an MFC app. So to fix
both problems I added #define VC_EXTRALEAN and #include "afxwin.h" to the
top of my console app and this worked. Thank you for the clue.


> i've ran into the same problem
> cause of this conflict is that windows handle HWND is both
> 32bit integer or 32bit pointer
> in MFC environment HWND is defined as DWORD
> but in console application it is not (void *).
> you may redefine HWND correctly or
> just comment out two pleonasm function
> void *SetParentId(void* foo);
> void *SetWindowId(void* foo);
> these to only casts void* to HWND
> seo shinichiro

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