[vtkusers] Can VTK use other GUI tools?

Marco Petrone m.petrone at cineca.it
Wed Feb 14 07:35:06 EST 2001

"David D. Marshall" wrote:

> > Am I just wrong, or are we speaking of the same wxVTKWindow class ?
> >
> We are speaking of the same class, I just figured out what the
> miscommunication was.  It was Marco's dsw and example with the wxVTKWindow
> class that I had emailed him a few weeks ago.
> > >   I have win2k and can try to see
> > >what's the deal.  What are the unresolved references?
> >
> > I'll send you the messages privately :)
> >

I see this thread has fired up... Sebstian, perhaps I could help you if you send me your actual
project directory to take a look at it. Problably, there are too much environment variables in
the example's dsw... by the way, as you asked me I put the binary of that example (linked with
the debug version of the wxwin dll, wx22_5d.dll, and vtk3.1.2) in
http://www.cineca.it/download/temp/example.zip, if you want to try it.
Anyway, I think it's a really good thing that David decided to create a web page with the
updated version of his class.

For what concerns the python class, it seems to me it works good under windows (doesn't it),
while it seems to have some problems for the GTK environment. Anyway I don't think the solution
adopted in the wxVTKWindow class is directly portable into python, since it uses some GTK's
private member variables. It should be the wxgtk to export directly these data.


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