[vtkusers] Two simple questions

TzuYi Yu tyyu01 at mail.apol.com.tw
Wed Feb 14 07:10:47 EST 2001

Hello, Everyone:

  Allow me to ask to simple (and maybe stupid) questions:
1> I can find many VTK sample codes using Tcl / TK
     from the vtk312Win32Src, but only very few VTK 
     examples using MFC.  Where can I find more VTK 
     examples using MFC?  For those VTK codes using 
     Tcl Tk, are there any corresponding VTK code using 
2> I found the VTK man page at 
     http://www.kitware.com/vtkhtml/vtkdata/html/classes.html , 
     but  is there any PS format or PDF format or Window Word Format? 


  Robert Yu   at    tyyu at ksts.seed.net.tw

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