[vtkusers] Can VTK use other GUI tools?

Sebastien BARRE seb-ml-vtk at barre.nom.fr
Tue Feb 13 15:34:08 EST 2001

Hi David,

At 13/02/2001 15:19, David D. Marshall wrote:

> > #include "vtk/somevtkclass.h"
> >
> > by
> >
> > #include "somevtkclass.h"
>I never know which way is standard :(.  I install vtk in
>/usr/local/include/vtk (as I thought the rpms did?????).  Is there a
>consensus as to which is the approved way?

Yes, I would definitely advise :
#include "thevtkclass.h"
then add the include path using the -I directive, as you would do with 
most  libs :)

Using vtk/thevtkclass.h will prevent these of us that are using the source 
or the CVS from compiling it, because include files are split into several 
directories (graphics/, imaging/, common/, etc).

> > ....it will compile, but will still fail to link when plugged in your
> > previous example.dsw archive, with various "unresolved reference" when
> > linked again wx22_5 + Windows 2000. Puzzling.
> >
>I didn't have an example.dsw in my tar-ball, and I don't see where Brian Todd
>had one either.  What are you refering to?

I'm referring to the file that Marco referred to in the email posted last 
week :

>Take a look at http://www.cineca.it/download/devel/wxwin/wxVTKDialog.zip, 
>it's an example of showing how to write a multiplatform c++ program that 
>uses wxWindows and VTK. The GUI, even if simple, was designed with 
>wxDesigner, a pretty commercial RAD tool for wxWindows. The wxVTKWindow 
>class seem to work properly either under Linux and Windows, but I had some 
>problems with SGI machines (IRIX).

Am I just wrong, or are we speaking of the same wxVTKWindow class ?

>   I have win2k and can try to see
>what's the deal.  What are the unresolved references?

I'll send you the messages privately :)

>I don't use python, and I wanted a C++ way to do it, and I needed things that
>Brian Todd's classes didn't have (user input stuff).  I believe that they are
>similar, but the mouse/keyboard stuff I believe is different (and it's been a
>few months since I looked at the wxPython code).  I use the VTK interactor
>architecture and I think that wxPython does it's own handling of
>mouse/keyboard events.

Yes, definitely.

>So I can take advantage of the trackball and joystick
>camera motion modes (and any other modes that are added later) without any
>code changes (I believe) since all I do is redirect the mouse/keyboard events
>to the VTK interactor (except for the 'q' key for a good reason that escapes
>me right now :).

You are right, I had a look at your code, and this is also a valid 
solution. Thanks for the good work.

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