[vtkusers] vtkRenderWindowInteractor

K.R.Subramanian krs at zappa.uncc.edu
Tue Feb 13 14:39:49 EST 2001

One way to do this  through Xt's Application Work procedures (XtAppAddWorkProc(),
I think) - I have implemented this, but of course my application is using Xt and Motif.

    -- krs

David Chelberg wrote:

> I believe the issue is that often one wants to visualize a real-time
> process, while maintaining the ability to use
> vtkRenderWindowInteractor.  There does not appear to be a clean way in
> vtk to call to a user procedure everytime through the event loop.  The
> timer mechanism is used so that while a mouse remains pressed,
> rotations, etc. continue to occur, but I am unaware of any way to
> maintain all the current mechanisms of vtkRenderWindowInteractor,
> while adding a call to a user routine every time through the event
> loop, i.e. even during a rotation, the dataset should be continuously
> updated.
> This seems to be a capability that many would want.  I've seen traffic
> on this list about people wanting a VCR like capability in vtk, but
> with an added bonus of allowing a user to manipulate the viewpoint of
> the replay of a simulation, etc.  I don't recall the results of the
> discussion of this issue.
> In looking at vtkXRenderWindowInteractor, I think it wouldn't be too
> hard to have a user setable function called every time in the event
> loop processing:
>   do
>     {
>     XEvent event;
>     XtAppNextEvent(this->App, &event);
>     XtDispatchEvent(&event);
> // Right Here!
>     }
>   while (this->BreakLoopFlag == 0);
> I am most familiar with X event processing, I am sure there is an
> equivalent for other systems.  Would someone more familiar with the
> architecture of vtk comment on what would the best way of achieving
> this end consistent with the vtk architecture?
> Thanks,
>  -- Prof. David Chelberg (chelberg at ohiou.edu)
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