[vtkusers] vtktcl build error on Win98SE

anast.jm at pg.com anast.jm at pg.com
Fri Feb 9 15:36:31 EST 2001

I'm trying to add a simple reader sub class of vtkImageSource and vtk builds
okay but the tcl build gives the following error...any ideas what this _cdecl
stuff is all about. I searched the MS DevNetwork docs but only found something
about export 16->32 bit application or some such but have no idea what they are
talking about (:
My class built okay on NT with the vtk3.2beta, although the class is broken
under the beta, so I went back to vtk3.1 on Win98 until the class is fixed and
get this error...thanks for any ideas....john anast

p.s. the class was developed under vtk3.1 on unix

Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility   Version 6.00.8168.0
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1988-1998. All rights reserved.

making tcl library...
        cl.exe /D "STRICT" /D "_DEBUG" /nologo /MDd /Od /Zi /I "C:\Program Files
\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\include" /I "C:\Program Files\vtk\common" /I "C:\P
rogram Files\vtk\graphics" /I "C:\Program Files\vtk\imaging" /D "NDEBUG" /D "WIN
32" /D "_WINDOWS"   /I "C:\Program Files\vtk\pcmaker\xlib"  /D "VTK_USE_PATENTED
" /I "C:\Program Files\vtk\patented"  /D "VTK_USE_CONTRIB" /I "C:\Program Files\
vtk\contrib"  /D "_WINDLL" /D "_MBCS"  /Foobj\ /c src\vtktcl.cxx
        link.exe @c:\windows\TEMP\nma98625.
   Creating library vtktcl.lib and object vtktcl.exp
vtktcl.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "void * __cdecl vtkPGRead
rawNewCommand(void)" (?vtkPGReadrawNewCommand@@YAPAXXZ)
vtktcl.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "int __cdecl vtkPGReadraw
Command(void *,struct Tcl_Interp *,int,char * * const)" (?vtkPGReadrawCommand@@Y
vtktcl.dll : fatal error LNK1120: 2 unresolved externals
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~4\VC98\BIN\link.exe' : return cod
e '0x460'

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