[vtkusers] Changes in vtkImageData and vtkImageToSTructuredPoints?

Volpe, Christopher R (CRD) volpecr at crd.ge.com
Wed Feb 7 19:45:16 EST 2001

A couple weeks ago I was able to do something that I cannot do today: I have an image pipeline
consisting of a reader (loads 3D image data), a custom filter, and a viewer. As I change the Z slice
of the viewer, the change propagates up the pipeline and my custom filter operates on the new slice.
Now, I used to be able to stick a vtkImageToStructuredPoints filter between my custom filter and the
viewer. The result was that the vtkImageToSTructuredPoints would request the entire extent of the
data, and my custom filter upstream would operate on the whole 3D volume. Now, that no longer
happens. The presence of the ImageToStructuredPoints has no effect. I've tried telling its output to
UpdateInformation and SetUpdateExtentToWholeExtent, but that hasn't helped. So, I guess I'm a little
hazy on this whole extent/update-extent/whole-extent business and what the method du jour is for
telling a filter you want it to operate on the entire 3D volume even though the downstream viewer
only asks for a 2D slice. Could anyone enlighten me?


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